What does “TESA” mean?

“No, not Tesla; it’s TESA” explained Nicolas Barrantes, Executive Recruiter at TESA Talent. While networking at an industry trade show earlier this year (Pittcon 2024 in San Diego), Nicolas made his way through the aisles, meeting over 100 people and building new relationships. Often, when the exhibitors glance at Nicolas’ name badge, they quickly assume he represents the well-known electric vehicle manufacturer; the inaccurate assumption created many organic conversations via curiosity about the name TESA. 

What is TESA Talent?

TESA Talent is an executive search firm deeply committed and connected to the laboratory sciences industry, partnering with innovative and exciting employers in niche science industries across North America while providing life-changing careers for superior talent.

What does TESA Talent mean?

Our name, TESA Talent, is more than just a combination of letters. It’s an acronym that encapsulates our guiding principles. TESA stands for TenacityEmpathySincerity, and Acumen. These qualities define us and shape our interactions with our team, clients, and candidates.

How does this create value for clients and candidates?

Good question! Our founder, Emil Gerardi, has over 23 years of experience in executive search services and internal HR/talent acquisition. He has conversed with hundreds if not thousands, of hiring managers and candidates; most are not shy, explaining why recruiters have a bad reputation. Emil compiled a list of what companies and candidates dislike the most about their past experiences with a “bad recruiter” while also listing what a high-value, positive experience would look like.

Emil founded TESA Talent in 2017 with the mission and vision to become a different recruiting firm, which is the antithesis of the “bad recruiter.” With a mission to provide a refreshing and valuable experience beyond original expectations. The core characteristics and attributes required to complete this mission and be a unique partner to clients and candidates are the four guiding principles of the acronym TESA.


We will release a summer series explaining each principle in action with real and recent examples of Tenacity, Empathy, Sincerity, and Acumen and what it means to our clients and candidates.

Stay tuned for our first release; in July 2024, you will learn how we put the Tenacity in TESA.