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TESA Talent is an executive search firm deeply committed and connected to the laboratory sciences industry, partnering with innovative and exciting employers in niche science industries while providing life-changing careers for superior talent.

Who We Help

Who We Help


  • Laboratory Products & Services
  • Biomedical & Diagnostics
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Process, Environmental & Food


  • Strategic Leaders
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Field Service & Technical Support
  • Operations & Human Resources

A Proven Process

With an increased level of communication from an early stage, TESA Talent will manage the expectations of all parties involved. Our clients will know what we do, what to expect from us, and hold us accountable. TESA Talent can guide each company on a best in class approach to obtain the very best people. When clients choose to fully engage and partner with TESA Talent, the success rate is 53% higher than the approach of a typical staffing company.

A Proven Process

Our Expertise

TESA Talent brings years of experience acquiring unique talent in niche science industries. We have intimate knowledge of industry insights, trends, and hiring practices gained from decades of successes, accolades, and learning experiences. We empathize with the point of view of all parties involved in the search process, resulting in a best-in-class solution.

Solutions for Employers

Let TESA Talent take over your time-consuming recruiting projects.

TESA Talent can:

  • Work hand-in-hand with hiring managers
  • Be the point of contact for one project or all of your recruiting operations
  • Oversee and manage a project
  • Identify the best approach and search partner for a search
  • Manage a project from project approval through start date

Every company has a unique personality; therefore, each project will offer a custom solution.

Menu of Search Options Include:

  • Retained search
  • Contingency search
  • Hybrid of retained and contingency, aka engaged or contained search

Customizable Service Options Include:

  • Extended guarantee period
  • Reference checks
  • Formal progress reports

Solutions for Candidates

Our Advantage:

TESA Talent is connected to top employers in niche science industries, and we take a discerning approach to the firms with which we partner. We will guide you through the placement process from the initial call and interview preparation to extensive tactical consultation, securing you the best option for career growth.

There are thousands of amazing companies of all sizes that you have never heard of. Let us paint you the picture of their culture, leadership, history, and direction. What are the top reasons employees stay or go? Do they believe in their leaders and feel valued, recognized, and respected for their work? You deserve a full evaluation of the cultural match.

Insider Knowledge:

The TESA Talent team knows the companies and the industries they work with. Our advisors will slow it all down for you and provide you a big picture outlook and advise your career path. We do more than simply push resumes to companies. We are a hands-on, full service firm. There is deep value in partnering with a TESA Talent team member, someone that is educated in the unique technology or scientific discipline that surrounds your career.

Current Opportunities


Field Support Engineer, Nevada

Do you enjoy tinkering with scientific instruments and solving problems? This is your opportunity to travel to a diverse group of labs, meet different people and see various instrument applications … Continued

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Field Service Specialist, Albany NY/Western CT

Are you a person experienced with analytical instruments who enjoys connecting with others? Travel to a diverse group of labs, meet different people, and see various instrument applications at work. … Continued

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Sales Manager, Scientific Instruments, West US

Do you have sales experience in the life sciences industry? Do you want to work with unique technology instead of a “me too” product line? This is your opportunity to … Continued

Apply Now

Field Service Scientist, Texas

Are you a person experienced with analytical instruments who enjoys connecting with others? Travel to a diverse group of labs, meet different people, and see various instrument applications at work. … Continued

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