Talent Acquisition & Diversity Officer

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TESA Talent found a need for trust and empathy in the executive search market. The industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if you had an advisor that did care? Someone with years of HR and Talent Acquisition experiences to guide you and your process? TESA Talent is a multi-service talent acquisition consulting and recruitment services firm, solving common problems for companies that experience inconsistent results from their current recruiting strategy. TESA Talent brings a robust network of recruiting partners and solutions on a global scale. Whether your organization needs to design an entire recruiting process, has a large recruitment project, or simply needs to hire a top-notch change-maker, TESA Talent will point you in the best direction.

Location: Greater Boston


The T.A./Recruitment & Diversity Officer will develop and implement the company’s diversity initiatives to implement effective recruiting and staffing strategies to attract, hire, and maintain a diverse and qualified workforce

Duties Include:

  • Develop, facilitate, and implement all phases of the recruitment process
  • Collaborate with department managers to identify and draft detailed and accurate job descriptions and hiring criteria
  • Responsible for job-posting and advertisement processes
  • Identify and implement efficient and effective recruiting methods and strategies based on the available role, industry standards, and the needs of the organization;
  • Screen applications and select qualified candidates
  • Schedule interviews; oversee the preparation of interview questions and other hiring and selection materials
  • Assist with the interview process, attending and conducting interviews with managers, directors, and other stakeholders
  • Collaborate with the hiring manager and/or other human resource staff during the offer process, identifying and recommending salary ranges, incentives, start dates
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and company policies
  • Attend and participate in college job fairs and recruiting sessions
  • Research, develop, recommend, and execute creative strategies to foster the company’s diversity goals
  • Review current practices and policies, assessing and analyzing the extent to which they support or hinder the company’s diversity goals
  • Collect and analyze statistical data to evaluate the company’s population in accordance with diversity standards and goals;
  • Draft and implement recruiting and hiring strategies to attract employees from diverse backgrounds
  • Develop and/or acquire training and development to aid diversity and retention initiative


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with 5 plus years of experience, or equivalent experience and education preferred
  • PHR or SHRM-CP preferred; SHRM’s Talent Acquisition Specialty Credential a plus
  • Five years of Human Resources experience, including at least three years, highly preferred specializing in:
    • equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity programs
    • managing all phases of the recruitment and hiring process
    • talent development and implementing & delivering training programs

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