Senior Photonics Engineer

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Design, development, and evaluation of instrumentation and Analyzer systems based on Raman spectroscopy. Collaboration with mechanical, software, method, and manufacturing engineers. Will interact with Marketing and Product Managers for problem understanding and requirements, as well as manufacturing and service and support staff on completed products. 

Duties Include:

  • Design and optimization of high performance imaging spectroscopy systems.

-optical imaging (lens layout, magnification, numerical aperture, Zemax, or similar optical CAD)

-spectrographs (numerical aperture, range, resolution, Rayleigh filtering, vignetting)

-cooled CCD/CMOS cameras (binning, readout, bias offset, dark current, QE, linearity, read noise)

  • Development of stabilized diode laser sources.
  • Design of optical (fiber coupled) spectroscopy probes for sample interfacing
  • Support project and product management with cost estimates and resource planning
  • Close collaboration in a cross-functional team
  • Interaction with, and management of, third party suppliers
  • Coordinate development of custom fiber optics (NA, spectral attenuation, fiber/fiber and free-space coupling, switching)
  • Develop spectrograph wavelength and intensity calibration systems (using atomic emission sources, filters, black body radiators and fluorescent materials)
  • Participating in development of custom dielectric and holographic filters and grating.

Ideal Background:

  • BS/BA or higher in a physics/physical science or engineering
  • Approximately 5 or more years of related engineering experience
  • Exposure to optics, spectroscopy, or photonics applications