Sales & Marketing Administrator

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Are you highly organized and respect process? Are you experienced in or curious about marketing?


Manage our CRM (Database), upgrade, and increase the data within the CRM. Increase the ease and expediency of extracting the proper data from the CRM.
Provide administrative support to all recruiting, sales, marketing, operations, and database management goals and activities. Enhance email marketing volume and efficiency, manage our lead generation and prospecting efforts, manage the social media marketing, SEO, and digital analysis. This role will play a major role in reaching more eyes in our target audience, while enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, driving website traffic, and acquiring leads.

Location: Baltimore County, Maryland

Duties Include:

  • Assist and lead in the development of processes and systems to manage and enhance the use of company CRM
  • Email marketing – creation, delivery, and enhancement.
  • Manage online branding efforts, including business/social media with an emphasis on LinkedIn
  • Implement and maintain SEO/SEM strategies, including keyword and market research.
  • Track and analyze performance and success of SEO strategies through Google Analytics.
  • Perform routine transfer of project data from all available sources to CRM
  • Search all available resources for updated and relevant contact information of prospective candidates and clients.
  • Enhance/upgrade the relevance, amount of and validity of all data in CRM
  • Research and offer new and progressive approaches to managing and searching data


  • Extremely organized and process-oriented; This means that when you perform non-trivial tasks, you practice a repeatable, efficient process.
  • Dependable with a strong work ethic; This means that you subscribe to the motto, “Whatever you do, do it well.”
  • Experience working for a business in some capacity, administrative, and marketing experience a plus
  • Must be tech-savvy regarding the essential use of cloud-based software tools such as our CRM, Mailchimp, and Microsoft Office/365.
  • BA/BS preferred
  • Highly motivated to work at a reasonably fast pace while not compromising quality.

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