Microscopy Support Specialist

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The primary function of the Microscopy Support Specialist is to provide first-level technical and application support for users of 3D/4D advanced image analysis software.  The Support Specialist will focus on triaging incoming support calls to provide timely responses to customers and forward on advanced application support calls to Senior Application Scientists.  This is an ideal position for a biological scientist or an engineer who has a deep interest in imaging and microscopy.  A successful candidate for this position will have a strong background in advanced microscopy (confocal, spinning disk, etc) and image analysis.  

Locations: Remote/home-office based in the USA

Duties Include:

  • Rapidly assess customers’ needs and prioritize support calls before forwarding them on to advanced support.
  • Provide the best solution for basic support issues in a professional and effective manner by:
    • Providing e-mail/telephone/online responses to incoming customers’ technical questions in a timely manner.
    • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
    • Testing pre-release versions of alpha and beta and actively provide useful feedback for bugs and feature requests to Research and Development.
    • Maintaining and strengthening relationships with scientists from key research centers by providing exceptional support.
    • Continually compiling market information/intelligence on the latest scientific innovation to assist in the shaping of future company strategy and product development


  • Background in advanced microscopy (confocal, spinning disk, etc) and image analysis.
  • Strong computer skills 
  • Well-founded biological knowledge
  • Master or a Ph.D. degree in cell biology, neuroscience, or a relevant field. 
  • Exceptional organizational/oral and written communication skills are required. 
  • Passion for scientific innovation is a must.

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