Chemometric Engineer, Spectroscopy

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Lead role in engineering department responsible for applying chemometrics and advanced data analytics to the development and manufacture of advanced industrial composition and property analyzers based on vibrational spectroscopy and in particular, Raman spectroscopy. The position is for advanced product development, where the primary goal is the creation of salable instrumentation and software.

Duties Include:

  • Design, implement, deploy and test the entire spectroscopy analysis pipeline workflow with a focus on generation, modeling, aggregation, interrogation, visualization, and interpretation of high-quality, voluminous, and multispectral data.
  • Develop, adapt, customize, and productize advanced algorithms to extract compositional, characteristic, and morphological information from Raman spectra.
  • Output analytics, chemometric modeling, data-wrangling guiding, supporting, and advancing the development and manufacture of novel analyzer products.
  • Strategic product development based on market-driven requirements.
  • Using the output of chemometric modeling and data analysis to guide the development and manufacture of software and hardware analyzer products.
  • Provide requirements and algorithm support to software engineering.
  • Support service organization in addressing problems with fielded analyzers.


  • Minimum BS degree (MS or Ph.D. preferred) in a science or engineering.
  • Familiarity and experience with Raman spectroscopy.
  • Software engineering skills in R or Python and knowledge and use of open-source machine learning libraries.
  • Experience working within a production Software Development Life Cycle environment.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Agile methodology.
  • 3-5 years of experience in data cleaning, scrubbing, interpolation, extrapolation, and general data wrangling.

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