Business Development/Client Partner

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TESA Talent found a need for trust and empathy in the executive search market. The industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if you had an advisor that did care? Someone with years of HR and Talent Acquisition experiences to guide you and your process? TESA Talent is a multi-service talent acquisition consulting and recruitment services firm, solving common problems for companies that experience inconsistent results from their current recruiting strategy. TESA Talent brings a robust network of recruiting partners and solutions on a global scale. Whether your organization needs to design an entire recruiting process, has a large recruitment project, or simply needs to hire a top-notch change-maker, TESA Talent will point you in the best direction.


The BD is a sales and client development role, while also having influence in the recruiting and operations dep. They will prospect, cultivate, and develop relationships with client companies, primarily via phone and web. Developing and growing a “book of business” that results in meeting or exceeding qualified job order goals each month.

Duties Include:

  • Follow a proven plan for success, executing a targeted call, web/video, and email plan
  • Engage with and explain TESA’s value proposition to client hiring managers
  • Build relationships across departments in client companies, with a focus on TESA’s “collaboration approach” to executive search.
  • Network and prospect fanatically to become an industry expert
  • Perform screening calls and understand the goals and desires of client and candidate
  • Act as a trusted advisor to candidates, internal and external clients
  • Assist in the growth and cultural development of the company with the goal of growing into a leadership position
  • Select and qualify candidates based upon skill, cultural, and motivational fit, utilizing a behavioral-based approach and screening criteria.
  • Recording and managing all activity in company CRM (database)
  • Attend ongoing training, both internally and externally, to grow and adapt to the changing market.

Ideal Background:

  • Ideally a four-year degree
  • Someone that is emotionally rewarded by solving complex problems for businesses
  • A positive person that would like to grow personally and professionally
  • Approximately two or more years of sales or a related client-focused role where you created a positive impact
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a high level of emotional intelligence to learn, understand, and help clients reach their goals
  • A goal-oriented individual that understands the value of creating a plan and mapping out the specific accomplishments necessary to reach the goals