Bioinformatics Specialist, Greater Philadelphia

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The Biopharma Informatics Specialist will provide expertise in developing data processing workflows to support assays for customers throughout biopharma discovery, development, and manufacturing. The candidate will help to build informatics tools capable of translating raw mass spectrometry data into actionable results. They will be responsible for identifying, researching, implementing, and de-risking technologies to be incorporated into our client’s products

Location: Greater Philadelphia

Duties Include:

  • Evaluate, validate, and recommend improvements to existing software workflows using existing 3rd party tools
  • Lead the design and development of new data workflows to support the processing of data generated with mass spectrometry instrumentation
  • Leverage internal and external resources to provide a framework for more efficient data analysis and more comprehensive data evaluation
  • Improve data utilization by internal and external customers to reduce knowledge gaps around data analysis
  • Guide implementation of new tools for enhanced data and results visualization
  • Support the development of presentations and reports documenting results generated from data
  • Understand the ion mobility and mass spectrometry technology spaces and how these technologies can be leveraged to provide solutions in various applications
  • Advise and guide the implementation of data processing and reporting approaches by the software development team
  • Participate in technical design reviews of customer data sets
  • Attend key industry conferences to develop an industry presence and stay current with ongoing data processing developments.


  • MS or Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline or 8+ years of experience in an industrial role supporting biopharma discovery and development
  • Proven track record of translating ion mobility and/or mass spectrometry data into useful results for biopharma applications
  • Significant experience pre-processing mass spectral data to enhance downstream analytics
  • A strong basis in statistical analysis and design of experiments
  • Understanding of technology/application fit for various mass spectrometry systems (i.e. QTOF, QQQ, Orbitrap, etc.)
  • Able to manage small to medium projects with minimal guidance (project management)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills to communicate ideas, designs, and results to internal stakeholders


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