Associate Recruiter/Sales Coordinator

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TESA Talent Advisory found a need for trust and empathy in the talent acquisition market. The recruiting industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if you had an advisor that did care? A group with years of talent acquisition consultancy and experiences to guide you and your process? TESA Talent is a multi-service talent acquisition consulting and recruitment services firm, solving everyday problems for companies that experience inconsistent results from their current recruiting strategy. TESA Talent brings a robust network of recruiting partners and solutions on a global scale. Whether your organization needs to design an entire recruiting process, has a large recruitment project, or needs to hire a top-notch change-maker, TESA Talent will point you in the best direction.


We seek a growth-oriented individual, who prefers to earn their way beyond this position. We want to train you in the unique ways of TESA Talent Advisory. We want you to master all of these skills and demand promotion, get promoted, then learn, master, demand another promotion, then repeat. No shortcuts, just determination.

Duties Include:

  • Use your problem-solving skills to become proficient at selective sourcing of passive job seekers, learning Boolean logic, and search/sourcing approaches for all TESA Talent tools.
  • Engaging with passive job seekers on a national scale in the sciences market to fulfill client projects while learning about the motivation and career goals of the candidate.
  • Enabling attention to detail, you will add vital info and data into CRM, creating plans and making the process more efficient for Executive Recruiters
  • Assist in all marketing, sales, recruiting, operations and administrative aspects of the company
  • Perform screening calls and understand the goals and desires of client and candidate
  • Act as a trusted advisor to candidates, internal and external clients
  • Play a significant role in identifying life-changing career opportunities for people
  • Assist in creating the strategy and plan for your professional growth. Once you master this position, another challenge awaits.


  • A problem solver and determined, competitive person
  • A desire to learn, accomplish, and then be given more responsibility and constantly challenged
  • An Inquisitive person -desire to be the best at whatever they do
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, someone who can think of their feet
  • Computer literate and capable of approaching a problem from multiple angles in a short period.
  • Someone that embraces good stress
  • Positive energy