6 Reasons To Double Down On Your Holiday Job Search

The Holiday Season has arrived once again, with all the associated fun, stress, and general bustle! With the days getting shorter and an abundance of holiday events to prepare for and attend, it can be tempting to postpone your job-hunting efforts for the New Year.  

Here’s why you should double down instead, according to hiring trends TESA Talent’s recruiters have seen over the years:  

  1. Hiring managers are looking to finalize new hires and get offers out before Christmas to use up the year’s hiring budget. 
  2. Companies are preparing for their January and February hires by holding interviews in December. 
  3. There’s less competition in the job market as many job seekers slow down their efforts during the season. 
  4. With so many holiday events, it’s the perfect time to develop and leverage your network.  
  5. You’ll have more flexibility when negotiating start dates, depending on when you’re wrapping up your final interviews.  
  6. If the timing works out right, you can start the new year with your new salary and benefits already in place.  

Interviewing during the Holidays can be tricky as key decision-makers may be out of the office, but putting yourself out there and being available between Thanksgiving and Christmas can pay off significantly. Update your resume, brush up on your interviewing etiquette, and remember to send follow-up emails – with this advice you can only do well.  

Good luck out there, and Happy Holidays!