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At TESA Talent we leverage search experience, a focus on authentic relationships, and industry knowledge to match the best talent with companies - where together they will maximize growth.

Why TESA Talent?

TESA Talent Advisory found a need for trust and empathy in the executive search market. The industry is saturated with transactional vendors, and not many real partners. What if you had an advisor that did care? A team with years of HR and Talent Acquisition experiences to guide you and your process? TESA Talent is a multi-service talent acquisition consulting and recruitment services firm, solving common problems for companies that experience inconsistent results from their current recruiting strategy. TESA Talent brings a robust network of recruiting partners and solutions on a global scale. Whether your organization needs to design an entire recruiting process, has a large recruitment project or simply needs to hire a top-notch change maker, TESA Talent will point you in the best direction.


Our Expertise

TESA Talent Advisory brings years of experience acquiring unique talent in niche science markets. Our Founder and Senior Consultant, Emil Gerardi brings over 20 years of experience working in the life and analytical sciences market including HR, Leadership, and Executive Recruiting capacities. We empathize with the point of view of all parties involved in the search process.

Solutions for Employers & Executive Recruiters

Let TESA Talent take over your time-consuming recruiting projects

TESA Talent can:

  • Work hand-in-hand with hiring managers
  • Be the point of contact for one project or all of your recruiting operations
  • Oversee and manage a project
  • Identify the best recruiting partners, both internal and external
  • Manage a project from project approval through start date

Customized, measurable and insightful training programs with recruiters of all experience levels

Hands on, in-person training includes:

  • 8-week boot camps
  • 2-day workshops
  • 1-day seminar with a focused topic
  • Group training programs
  • Customized to thrive based on the owner’s vision
  • A customer focused and value-proposition focused approach
  • Learn how to be a “Noble” search partner

Every company has a unique personality, therefore each project will offer a custom solution

Areas of expertise include:

  • Talent acquisition goal assessment
  • Conducting a full audit of current recruiting process
  • Comprehensive insight involving latest practices and technology
  • Optimize the function of talent acquisition
  • Develop and execute strategies
  • Outsourcing recruitment function
  • Outsourcing recruitment projects

Solutions for Candidates

Our Advantage:

TESA Talent is connected to top employers in niche industries. We take a discerning approach to the firms with which we partner. We will guide you through the placement process from initial call and extensive preparation to extensive tactical consultation, securing your best career move.

There are thousands of amazing companies of all sizes that you have never heard of. Let us tell you their story. We can paint the picture of their culture, leadership, history, and direction. When it comes to turnover and employee happiness, fitting in culturally is more significant than any other factor.

Insider Knowledge:

The TESA Talent team knows the companies and the industries they work with. Our advisors will slow it all down for you and provide you a big picture outlook and advise your career path. We do more than simply push resumes to companies. We are a hands-on, full service firm. There is deep value in partnering with a TESA Talent team member, someone that is educated in the unique technology or scientific discipline that surrounds your career.

Positioned for Success:

Recent studies have showed that hiring managers take just 6 seconds to look at your resume before deciding which pile to put it in. Your resume is an extension of you. A resume is a first impression. Does your resume reflect how awesome you are? The TESA Talent resume writing team can guide you on style, format, layout, approach and design of you resume or CV. Ask us about recreating your entire resume.

Who We Help

Who We Help


  • Scientific Products & Services
  • Biomedical & Diagnostics
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Environmental & Food


  • Strategic Leaders
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Field Service & Support
  • Operations & Human Resources

A Proven Process

With an increased level of communication from an early stage, TESA Talent will manage the expectations of all parties involved. Our clients will know what we do, what to expect from us, and hold us accountable. TESA Talent can guide each company on a best in class approach to obtain the very best people. When clients choose to fully engage and partner with TESA Talent, the success rate is 53% higher than the approach of a typical staffing company.

A Proven Process

Current Opportunities


Sales Engineer, Image Analysis, Greater DC

TESA Talent found a need for trust and empathy in the executive search market. The industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if you had … Continued

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Instrument Sales Manager, Canada

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Executive Recruiter, Lab Sciences

TESA Talent Advisory found a need for trust and empathy in the talent acquisition market. The recruiting industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if … Continued

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Director of Marketing, Bio-sciences

TESA Talent found a need for trust and empathy in the executive search market. The industry is saturated with transactional vendors and not many real partners. What if you had … Continued

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